Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who wants to live forever?

Fans of either the Highlander movies (or tv show) or the rock band Queen may recognize this song, but as a serious response to the question, I think more and more people are seeing only the upside of increased longevity.  Certainly, a large amount of scientific research and unscientific profiteering attest to the quest for immortality (or at least a few more good years).  Whether it be engineering heart valves or using stem cells to regenerate failing organs, or attempting to maintain a calorie restricted diet, many people are working toward this lofty goal.  A little while back, Philadelphia's public radio station WHYY had an interesting conversation with journalist/author Greg Critser on his new book: Eternity Soup which chronicles much of the science and pseudoscience centered around increasing human life span.  You can listen here, and check it out for yourself.  I particularly liked the parts of the discussion on the use of steroid and growth hormones, and maybe I missed it because I was working while I had the radio on, but I would have liked to hear more about the rapidly emerging field of regenerative medicine.

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  1. thanks for mentioning the book, brad. greg critser