Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Can Haz a College Education?

Apparently, in Britain, cat owners are more likely to have a college degree than dog owners.  Why might this be?  Well, it is hypothesized that people who have college educations have jobs or lifestyles that leave them less time for more needy pets... like dogs.  (I wonder what having a bird or a fish says about your education?)  Anyway, apparently there is a cultural element to this as well, seeing as how, in the United States, there does not appear to be a similar trend, as reported by Justin Wolfers at the Freakonomics Blog:
"unlike Britain, there’s no educational gradient here. In the U.S., 31.5 percent of cat owners have college degrees, which is statistically, insignificantly larger (i.e. no different) than the 30.1 percent of dog owners who hold diplomas. (These numbers are lower than the British numbers, partly because I’m referring to the qualifications of the respondent, not the maximum qualification in the household.) There are no real income differences to speak of, as both cat and dog owners are each as likely as the other to be in either the top or bottom income quartile."
And then, there's also this fun link to a press release for an article claiming that people "who define themselves as "dog people" are more extraverted, more agreeable and more conscientious than self-described "cat people."  

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