Saturday, January 9, 2010

Second Saturday is Celebrity Saturday

In another attempt to enhance the news magazine experience here at CH&H, I'm adding another recurring piece: "Celebrity Saturday", where, for as long as I can keep doing so, I will post about (mostly neuro) scientists who are related to celebrities (or are themselves celebrities) on the second Saturday of each month...

For the first installment of Celebrity Saturday, we have Simon Baron-Cohen, Ph.D, whose cousin, Sacha Baron-Cohen is the comic actor known for his roles as Borat, Bruno, and Ali-G.  And if you think Sacha's resume is impressive, you should check out Simon's, he is a Professor of Developmental Psychopathology at Trinity College, Cambridge in the U.K. and Director of the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University.  He has published numerous papers in high impact journals, and has been honored with several awards and academic distinctions.  In case you were confused, that's Simon on the left, and Sacha on the right.

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