Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pop Quiz!

The Pew Research Center has a very brief online quiz to test your science knowledge (it's only 12 questions and they're all multiple choice and true/false)...  My only gripe is that the quiz really only tests whether or not you know some basic science facts and recent science headlines.  I would like to see a survey on how much people actually understand about the scientific method and the process and practice of science in our society (I hypothesize that a better understanding of what science is, how it works, and the rigorous process that scientists go through when it comes to publishing and obtaining funding, etc. would lead to less misunderstanding between scientists and the public, a la evolution, global warming, and others.  Of course this is just wild speculation on my part.) Anyway, the quiz is part of a poll that the center conducted to determine the public's attitude toward science and scientists, and, in turn, scientists' opinions of the public and their science knowledge and understanding.  I will probably write a separate post about the results from that poll, but in the meanwhile, enjoy the quiz.

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