Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday comics: Teaching "Both Sides"

I always love when Doonesbury tackles the evolution "debate"...

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  1. This Doonesbury comic is full of errors and gross misrepresentations of Creationism. As a student of science, I assume you'd like to know.

    1. Creationists do not believe that Evolution teaches the descent from modern apes, but ape-like creatures who allegedly gave rise to the modern ape and human lines (if that were possible).
    2. All the evidence does not massively support Evolution. The fossil record is sparse, and supposed human ancestors like "Lucy", Nebraska Man and Piltdown Man have all come into scientific infamy as deliberate hoaxes.
    3. Evolution does not knit together all of Biology. That is the personal, religious opinion of evolutionary biologists. While honestly reflective of their views, Evolution does not hold the sole answers for the beauty and order of animal life and plant life on planet Earth. The earliest naturalists, botanists, geneticists and astronomers were Creationists (and no, they were not flat-earthers).
    4. Creationism as a scientific theory is backed by plenty of scientific evidence, whether it be the complexity and length of the DNA code, the barrier of species, the existence of "living fossils", the failure of the so-called "geologic column" in stratigraphy, and the failure of anthropologists to discover the direct ape-like ancestor of Homo Sapiens (just to name a few).
    5. According to Young Earth Creationists, the Earth was formed 6100 years ago, not 5700. If you're going to mock those who don't like, at least get their alleged errors right.
    6. No Jew, Christian or Muslim has ever taught that God destroyed the ancient world because he didn't like his handiwork. This includes those monotheists who actually believe in some kind of evolution or an old earth of billions of years. This anti-religious sentiment is most unbecoming of someone who claims to believe in the laws and facts of science.
    7. Creationists believe that Noah took a pair of every animal that existed on Earth onto his ark. This included dinosaurs (large, medium and small species alike). If you don't want to believe the account, that's fine, but according to the account there is no basis to say that any creature (whether marine reptile or non-avian dinosaur) was left behind.

    Please add a note to your blog post correcting the misinformation of Doonesbury. Thank you.