Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another mistake by the creation museum

As a scientist, I could probably write reams and reams (or the internet equivalent thereof) about the inaccuracies and mistakes made by Ken Ham's creation museum in their presentation of the supposed history of life on earth.  I will not waste my time. Instead, I would like to simply point out something that I thought of after posting an image of this billboard of a fire-breathing dragon the other day.  As P.Z. Myers does a good job of explaining on his blog Pharyngula, the dragon billboard, and its accompanying dinosaur billboards (below), are nothing more than a marketing campaign to draw in more family visitors to the creationist museum.
As I said yesterday, the dragon billboard, and its corresponding exhibit at the museum, was likely inspired by biblical verses that mention the existence of dragons.  And it is here that I think Ken Ham has missed out.  You see, there are also a fair number of references to the existence of unicorns in the Bible, and let's face it, not all kids go crazy for dinosaurs and dragons, some prefer unicorns and "my little ponies".  So, where are their billboards?  Oh well, I am certainly not going to lament the fact that the creation museum has missed targeting a key demographic.  Instead, I will just post a picture of a unicorn here, and hope that many children and their families will find there way  to reliable, science-based information about the history of life on earth (whether it be here or elsewhere).

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