Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Comics: Fire Breathing Dragons

Though not actually a comic, or intended to be funny, this is a picture of a new billboard advertising the Creation Museum here in the "Bible belt" of the United States.

While this should be hilarious, I find it sad that there is a place masquerading as a "science museum" that is teaching people that fire breathing dragons were real, and co-existed with humans sometime in the past 5,000-6,000 years, all because dragons happen to be mentioned quite frequently in the bible.  I'm all for the right to teach people your fundamentalist religious beliefs if you so desire, but don't claim that it has anything to do with science.  In fact, I'm even willing to help the cause by pointing out that the most prominent references to dragons in the bible are in the book of revelations, which relates events that, even by biblical literalist standards, have not ever actually happened.  AND, in that book, the dragon is described as being red and having seven heads and ten horns... so, perhaps the joke here is that the creation museum can't even get the bible right... and yet, so many visitors will go there and think that they have actually learned something about paleontology and the history of our world.

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