Friday, February 7, 2014

More unintelligent designs on teaching creationism

I find it ironic that groups who persist in promoting creationism seem to so completely understand that they need to fight for and promote their ideas so that they avoid extinction, but rather survive in the veritable sea of other ideas that compete for people's attention and acceptance.  And so they keep replicating these ideas, and they continues to EVOLVE over the iterations.  Where, instead of outright biblical creationism, it has morphed into "creation science" and most recently, so-called "intelligent design".  How can people who are living examples of how ideas (i.e. memes) evolve because they are subject to competition and selection the same way genes are, not get how evolution works?  One would think that if they really didn't believe that selection actually works, they wouldn't be so adamant about trying to spread their unscientific views.  And yet, in the past week or so, we have seen a highly publicized "debate" on the subject featuring Bill Nye the Science Guy and a new bill introduced in South Dakota to allow the teaching of "Intelligent Design" in that state's public schools.  Ordinarily I'd be pretty upset, but the truth is, things slowly but surely seem to be moving in a positive direction, and, hopefully, the near extinction of this particular species of nonsense will happen in my lifetime... After all, attendance at Ken Ham's Creation Museum appears to be steadily declining, and all of the other attempts to allow intelligent design into the science classroom have been overturned in the courts because of a clear violation of the establishment clause in the first amendment to the US constitution. So, hopefully the bill in South Dakota won't pass, but if it does, it'll most likely be overturned, and someday soon I might be able to by a life sized dinosaur or dragon model, complete with saddle, at the creation museum going out of business sale! :-)

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