Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Holy Crap! We have achieved fusion!

Top science news story of the day, and likely to be one of the top science news stories of 2014: scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have achieved a new milestone in nuclear fusion by recording the first fusion reaction to generate more energy than was needed to set off the reaction.  Nuclear fusion involves the fusing of hydrogen atoms, is the method by which the sun produces its vast amounts of energy, and, up until now has required so much energy or heat just to get going, that we haven't, until now been able to make a fusion reaction happen without putting more energy in than we could get out. So, good news! Though, the net energy released in this current experiment is not enough to make fusion readily available for commercial or widespread use.  Still the promise of a day when we power all of our homes, businesses, vehicles and devices using the nearly limitless and almost completely clean energy that fusion promises is one step closer, and may even happen within our lifetime.  Amazing.

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