Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Future of Science...

Well, the future of biomedical science at least, is in good hands.  The Scientist has a quick article about the recent BIO convention, and the International BioGENEius Challenge.  This year's winner comes from... right down the hall from me, Raina Jain has spent the past few years working in the lab of Matthias Faulk, a faculty member in the department of Biological Sciences at Lehigh University.  To hear about the types of research projects being tackled by these enterprising high schoolers, one can't help but be impressed, and take comfort that, at least a sizeable group of kids are getting access to high quality science education.  Congrats to all who took part, and to Ms. Jain (the left-most student in the photo) and Dr. Faulk.
The four winners with Allan Jarvis of sanofi-aventis and Paul Hanle, head of the Biotechnology Institute
Image courtesy of The Biotechnology Institute

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