Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This is pretty cool: Scientific data is music to my ears

So, by now, you have probably heard that physicists at CERN have discovered the infamous Higgs boson.  Though I am no physicist, my understanding of Higgs bosons is that they are the particles you get when you (metaphorically) smack empty space really, really hard. In essence, their existence provides evidence that empty space is probably not actually empty space at all, but instead is filled with "dark energy" which is responsible for the universe's continued expansion. Anyway, since I can't do it justice, I will stop trying to explain it here.  Instead, I want to draw attention to an interesting presentation of the data, put together by one of the groups working at CERN... If you click on this link you will be taken to an mp3 that was created by taking the data points from the Higgs boson experiment and giving them each a corresponding musical note.  Though I am pretty sure the samba beat on the third repetition was added in for effect, it's still pretty amazing, possibly even better than autotuned physicists.

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