Sunday, March 20, 2011

Random roundup

Whenever I find interesting things on the web, I try to leave the tabs open on my browser until I get the time to go back and post or write something up on the blog.  Lately, I have been keeping so many tabs open it has been causing the browser to freeze and crash, so I figure I'll put up a handful of the links and maybe I'll be able to surf the internet unhindered again...

Gonorrhea can acquire human DNA... that’s right, when someone gives you gonorrhea, they’re really just giving you a piece of themselves.

Finally, science explains why Santa Claus is so jolly:

My favorite so far: The artist, architect, and scientist are discussing the merits of having a wife versus a girlfriend. The artists says, “A girlfriend is preferable, because of the mystery and romance”. The architect says, “A wife is preferable, because you can build a lasting foundation for a good relationship”. Finally, the scientist says, “Having both is preferable!”. The other two say, “Both?”. “Yes, because the wife thinks you are with the girlfriend, the girlfriend thinks you are with the wife, and you can go into the lab and get some work done.”

More evidence that women don’t suck at math and science... apparently we just keep telling them they do, and for some reason, they listen...

Like the comedian Kyle Kinane so eloquently stated: “This is America, which means that I have a God given right to be loudly opinionated about something that I am completely ignorant of.”


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