Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wow! Have I been out of touch!

I know I haven't been posting much lately, but you know it's bad when I forget to celebrate Charles Darwin's birthday!  Which, if you don't know was on February 12th.  As a biologist, I owe everything to Darwin's theory of Evolution by Natural Selection.  Without it, not only would I have a hard time coming up with hypotheses (i.e. good ideas to test), but so much of genetics and developmental biology (which heavily inform my current work) would likely be decades behind where they are today.  Though others have certainly done Darwin much greater honor on his birthday (by putting him on currency, or making beer in his honor) tonight I will honor the father of modern biology by drinking a celebratory beer or two and, of course, by putting a silly picture of him up here on the blog

Happy Birthday, Charles!

(At Left: Charles Darwin in proper birthday attire.
At right: On of our dogs, Charles Robert Darwin Walters, though we just call him Charlie)


  1. Brad-

    I left banking, but I always keep an eye out on currencies- an honor it is to be depicted on a coin or a dollar bill, but it's as if we're endorsing a "survival of the fittest" philosophy in economics, when the world needs to be more cooperative, not as competitive....


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