Thursday, September 16, 2010


Just when I think that I cannot be any further surprised at the things that people will believe...

Yeah, you read that right.  A whole conference devoted to the notion that the Earth is the center of the universe... I would write a rousing article about why this is so wrong, but apparently Phil Plait over at the Bad Astronomy blog has it covered...

Of course, I suppose I should be happy that these people at least think the earth is round.
Unlike some other people:

If you want to read an article on this particular group, may I recommend the following article over at the BBC (you should read the comments as well, they are quite good):

My favorite part of the story:
What about all the photos from space that show, beyond a shadow of doubt, that the Earth is round? "The space agencies of the world are involved in an international conspiracy to dupe the public for vast profit," says Mr McIntyre.

Because when I think NASA, I think "vast profit".

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