Monday, March 1, 2010

The internets don't make us dumb... uh, more dumb... dumber....

And maybe that is because we learn through repetition.  While I posted a little bit ago about some of the recent surveys and studies to come out showing that, if anything, the interwebs make us smarter (or at least put the information we need closer at hand, allowing us to solve problems faster and/or appear smarter), there is now a similar post over at Discover Blogs taking on the issue, and linking to a different Pew survey than the one I linked to, and an article on the subject by Carl Zimmer from last year.  The Pew survey here is interesting because it polls experts on whether or not they agree with the statement: "Does Google make people more stupid?"  Not surprisingly, the majority of experts think that Google and other internet search engines have the potential to make us smarter, and doubt that it will make us less intelligent or lazy.

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